I am all about inclusion when it comes to clothes. I am 5 feet tall and have wide hips. It is so hard for me to find clothes that fit just right, but I can't imagine the difficulty of finding clothes when having a disability. That is why I have to say kudos to Tommy Hilfiger for striving for a more inclusive clothing line.

According to the Good News Network, Tommy Hilfiger has created 37 new styles for men and 34 for women. The new styles feature different elements like one-handed zippers, magnetic clasps, and adjustable hems, and Velcro straps to "maximize functionality for people with wheelchairs, prosthetics, braces, or limb differences."

The clothing line was created in partnership with a nonprofit organization called Runway of Dreams. According to the Good News Network, a similar line was created last year for children. The children's close had a great response which led to the adult line.

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