Thanksgiving with my family is a little interesting. Of course we do the normal stuff like gathering together and eating a giant meal, but after the meal is when things get real serious. My family gets a little extra for black Friday. We create teams. We have t-shirts.

Holiday Shopping Season Gets Underway On "Black Friday"
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With my experience and much training for this special day of shopping I give you my tips for not only surviving but also conquering black Friday.

Tip #1: Prepare and Determine the Targets

My family gathers all of the sales ads in the local area and lays them out on the dining table after the food has been put away. We make notes of what our targets are and where they are located.

Tip #2: Plan Teams and Roles Within Each Team

We then determine who will be going to which store for which item. We divide into teams and determine who will be rushers and lineman in each team. Rushers will be the ones who are quick and can weave threw the crowd in order to get the items you need. Lineman are the patient ones who can stand in long lines. They are best used at stores like Walmart or Best Buy that have specific times for items to go on sale and are first come first serve.

Tip #3: Execute Plan

This is where you know what you are doing and execute the plan. You see your target and you go for it. Team leader will make sure that each member knows there role and is prepared accordingly.

Tip #4: The Leftovers

Also, extra members that were not able to participate in the take down of black Friday will be on wrapping duty. They will wrap the gifts.

"Black Friday" Marks Start Of Holiday Shopping Season
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Now that you have the tips to conquer black Friday- go out there and take this holiday shopping experience by the horns!

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