Today over lunch my friend Hillary and I were talking about getting these urges to just throw it back. She is currently listening to Reba all over again. She realized what "Fancy" was all about, uh oh! Whenever I go on a road trip I instantly go for The Dixie Chicks, Reba, Tim McGraw (the old stuff), Shania Twain, Selena, and Travis Tritt. You know those songs that you can remember every word to and just go back in time with?  It drives my friends nuts, aren't road trips meant for throwbacks? Let's throw it back to 1991, when Travis Tritt, and Alan Jackson dominated the airwaves.

1. Alan Jackson- "Someday"

2. Travis Tritt- "Anymore"

3. Diamond Rio- "In the Middle"

Here is where you come in, send me your top 3 throwback songs, any year, any artist, just make sure it was a country song you jammed out to. Send me your throwback submission to my Facebook Krystal Montez, and then check back here next week to see if your throwbacks are a part of our Thursday desk jams!


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