Though the black birds that invade the Shreveport/Bossier City area are not quite as big as these, we certainly know the pain of their invasion.

In the video below, shot by KHOU 11 , thousands of these birds, also known as grackles, have literally taken over a parking lot in Houston.

For those yet to witness a "mob" of this sorts, it might appear amazing and somewhat "beautiful."  However, for those of us who experience this "take over" on a yearly basis, the novelty wore off years ago.  Because with the birds come the noise, the swarms, and the poop.  Oh yes.  Bird poop on everything.  Literally.  If it's outdoors, its been pooped on.  Cars can't stay clean. Driveways are "bomb zones."  And if you happen to have any type of fruit or nut tree, like persimmons or oaks, you are a target.

Heck, I remember when the city of Shreveport was issuing blank shotgun shells to citizens in the Ridgewood area so they could shoot the blanks and make attempts to shoo them away.  And it would work.  For at least a full five minutes.  And they'd come right back.  They might still have the same program, but most know it's all in vain.

So, while we're somewhat amazed at the size of these "gackles", most of us hope and pray their never find their way to Shreveport/Bossier.

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