I suppose that the idea of "The Wall" was borne of the desire for peace and quiet. And not wanting a margarita-infused driver to take out your mailbox.

Montrose is the narrow side street that runs between Line Avenue and Dillingham, splitting the parking lots of Superior Grill and the old Pizza Rev (now Line Ave. Pie & Brew Co.). And after an evening of good food and friendship at one of the those two locations, many patrons headed east would decide it was easier to drive down Montrose, then take a left on Dillingham, which runs into Pierremont about 600 yards later.

The problem was, for folks in that not-too-shabby neighborhood, there were quite a few motorists who took the shortcut, causing a little more nighttime traffic than those homeowners desired.

Hence...The Wall.

And it seemed like one day it wasn't there and the next day it was.


No need to go through the machinations of city government, other than to say that between the complaints of folks in the the area, the expansion of the Superior parking lot and a thumbs-up from the City Council, The Wall was built.

So, here's where we get to The Most Shreveport Thing of 2021...at least so far. Some drivers are going around the wall. Going east, down the hill on Montrose, drivers, when confronted by The Wall, have chosen, rather than do-a-youie and head back toward Line, to veer around the wall on the left hand side.

And they're tearing up the grass. Pretty bad in some spots.


And ya gotta admit - and I don't mean this nice - that's a real Shreveport thing to do. Maybe the most "Shreveport Thing" of 2021.

So, just a simple request from the folks in the neighborhood. Don't drive around The Wall. Just go back up to Line, take a right and head to Pierremont that way. I know that driving that extra half-mile or so is quite an imposition, but how about doing that other Shreveport Thing. Be nice to folks.

Or who knows? Barbed wire and roofing nails might be next.

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