In case you missed it, these porch pirates really tick me off. Several Shreveport neighborhoods are being hit by these Christmas grinches.

Porch pirates have been busy snagging packages from all neighborhoods across Shreveport. Several homeowners have gotten video of these brazen thieves. Here's video of one who hit a home on Creswell near First Baptist Church.


One of the porch pirates drives a silver truck. A woman is the driver and she is also the thief. She casually walks up to the porch and snags the packages and strolls right back to her truck.

There is another porch pirate that has been hitting in the Highland, Broadmoor, Captain Shreve and South Highland neighborhoods. This thief drives a four door white pickup truck.

Many residents say they have spotted these thieves following delivery trucks. Others say the thieves simply cruise through the neighborhood and stop when they see packages on the porch. The thieves driving these trucks will even pull up in the driveway and casually stroll off with your packages.


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