Why do we do this? Why do we all follow tradition and make the food that ends up being thrown away? In my family, Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday of the year. We all get together, get dressed up, and walk around the kitchen munching on food until we are given the okay to dive in. There have been several dishes made over the years that have me wondering "why on earth do we still make this side dish if no one is going to eat it?". There are many traditional side dishes that some of my friends claim their family must have, I love odd foods, but some of these items are too weird for me to enjoy. Can we just all decide what dishes we should just retire and quit making because of our "Thanksgiving tradition"?

I went around the office and asked several co-workers what is the odd dish their family makes that they hate. Feel free to let us know which dish you hope your family does away with this Thanksgiving. Vote below!

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