Since I am the one that lives the furthest away from family I am always trying to keep tabs on the deadlines to get presents to my friends and family on the west coast. I just shipped out some items through our local post office and although it got to its destination earlier than I anticipated, I know that won't be the case in a couple of weeks.

If you are planning on shipping out Christmas gifts you need to make sure you keep an eye on the shipping deadlines. How horrid would it be to try and get something shipped before Christmas only for it to get there many days after Christmas?

The United States Postal Service Announced Their Holiday Shipping Deadlines and They are Earlier Than Normal.

The USPS told customers earlier in the year that they should expect some delays with their First-Class Mail service and that is reflected in the holiday shipping deadlines.

Make sure that those thoughtful gifts you purchased for friends and family reach their destination before Christmas. Check out the deadlines below:

USPS Retail Ground Service

United States - Dec. 15
Alaska - Dec. 2

First-Class Mail Service

United States - Dec. 17
Alaska - Dec. 18
Hawaii - Dec. 17
Priority Mail Service

United States - Dec. 18
Alaska - Dec. 18
Hawaii - Dec. 17

Priority Mail Express Service

United States - Dec. 23
Alaska - Dec. 21
Hawaii - Dec. 21

Planning to Ship Some Gifts Outside of the U.S?

Good luck, you should probably ship out those presents as soon as possible. The USPS website has a complete list of countries and their deadlines, you can see that by clicking here.

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