As our regular listeners have noticed, Kiss Country 93.7 went off the air approximately 8:00 am yesterday morning.  And thank you to those who have shown genuine concern on our Facebook page and via several text messages I've received.

To bring everyone up to speed, here's what I've been told.  Apparently something happened with SWEPCO yesterday morning that caused issues with our main transmitter and our back up transmitter.  Yeah, that's how important you are to us; we even have a back up transmitter.

Whatever happened, it also caused an issue with our generator's ability to power us back up.  (Again, see how much we care.  We even have a generator for those emergency times)

So, as we all sit here this morning, ready to broadcast, but without the ability to do so, we thought we might share with you some of the other possible reasons we're off air.

  • We didn't pay the Swepco bill
  • We actually exceeded our maximum listener limit
  • With all this rain, we're really still broadcasting, but that static is just how it sounds when we're under water
  • This way we can really keep the Secret Sound, a secret
  • We spent all our electric bill money on Mega Millions Lottery tickets
  • We're on strike until they get I-20 fixed
  • It's our engineer's first day on the job and we don't want to wake him
  • Our transmitter sniffed some Bossier water and got that brain eating amoeba
  • We're saving on our electric bill so that we can help LSU pay the "rushing the field" fine from Saturday's game
  • It's deer season and Gary McCoy just needed a couple days off to go hunting

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