Believe it or not there are some advantages to having the gastric distress known as "the stomach flu". The reason I bring this up is that several of our co-workers here at the radio station have been out for the past few days because of it.

Advantages you say? I know you're all dying to hear this so here goes.

The first advantage of the stomach flu is quick and rapid weight loss. It's not really healthy though. If you lose too much weight or lose a large amount of fluids you could die.

The second advantage of the stomach flu is that when you call in sick nobody will question you about your symptoms. You don't even have to put on that sick voice you always use when you call in sick. You can bet no supervisor in the world wants to hear a complete description of projectile vomiting or explosive diarrhea.

The third advantage of having this medical malady is the chance to catch up on e-mail and texts on your smartphone. If you're wi-fi reaches into your bathroom you can take advantage of the time to download the latest apps and maybe even play a game of Words with Friends if anybody still plays that game anymore.

Dare I say this, those reasons are all tongue in cheek which are two parts of the body you don't want involved in the words "stomach flu". Let's talk about what you could do to help yourself feel better.

Depending upon the sickness' exit strategy, you know is it through the attic or through the basement or both, your food choices can make a big difference. There is a reason your Mom gave you crackers and ginger ale to help settle your stomach. You might also try bananas,rice, applesauce, and toast.  It's called the BRAT diet and it really does work.


Here are some of the foods you'll want to avoid during your time away. Dairy products such as yogurt don't really help the situation. You probably don't want to drink alcohol either. Experts also suggest staying away from spicy foods which makes sense. We all know what spicy foods can feel like upon exit and since the exit door is wide open you don't want that kind of burning all day.  The folks in the know say don't drink coffee or caffeine. In other words, death might be a better option for some of us.

Fluid replacement is important too. Whether it's water, sports drinks, or even a cup of hot tea, if you can stomach them then you can bet your stomach will appreciate the company of something other than built up digestive juices and germs.

Here's one you probably didn't know, acupressure can actually help alleviate some of your symptoms. According to those who know this ancient Chinese secret, applying  pressure to the base of the palm should ease the discomfort. Maybe that's why we usually clasp our hands together while we assume the position.

Finally consult your doctor or pharmacist about some over the counter remedies that will help slow down the mass exodus. Many of these treatments take a few hours to work but then after a few hours you'll be grateful to be sitting or lying down somewhere that isn't porcelain.

I trust these ideas will help you through your 24 hours of illness. If they don't maybe we at least made you laugh a little bit. If you'd just washed your hands more often you probably wouldn't be in this situation you know that don't you?


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