Every year, millions of dollars in property go unclaimed in the Ark-La-Tex - simply because the proper owners don't know it's there.  If you are wondering how people can just leave valuables laying about, it's a lot easier than you think.  The good news is: If you know where to look, you can get it back!

First off, the valuables in question are usually dollar dollar bills y'all.  Deposit refunds, over-payments, and the like sometimes slip through the cracks for the business and the consumer alike.  Since it is unlawful for a company to keep funds that fall into those categories, if the company in possession of those funds cannot reach the rightful owner of such - they turn it over to the state.  The state will then hold the funds and only release them to the rightful owner.  As of today, the state of Louisiana has $78.5 million dollars of money that belongs to the citizens of the Bayou State.  They would like nothing more than to send it directly to you!

How do you find out if there is money waiting for you?  The state has made it easy!  The Louisiana Treasury Department's website has an easily searchable database of the unclaimed greenbacks you can check out right here!

Bonus round: If you are currently residing in Texas or Arkansas, you haven't been left out!  In fact, all states have an "escheatment process," according to the Securities and Exchanges Commission.  It's worth the time to check out the unclaimed property database in each and every state you have lived in.

For quick reference, here are the links for the Texas and Arkansas websites.  If you've moved across state lines, make sure you didn't leave anything (cash) behind.

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