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If there's one thing we all know by now, it's that the pandemic has literally affected all aspects of our life.

However, there's one aspect of our life that I had no clue was being severely impacted by the pandemic... Our teeth!

Yes, the pandemic is now affecting our teeth, and you might not even know it or feel the connection, but it makes so much sense. Believe it or not, that's exactly the case all around the nation, and one Louisiana expert has told us why.

An American Dental Association survey recently found that 70% of dentists across the nation have seen a substantial increase in patients suffering from teeth grinding and clenching. LSU School of Dentistry Chair of Endodontics Dr. Mark Odom says that increase is directly related to the emotional stress brought on by the pandemic.

He says, "We’ve seen a tremendous amount of this and it is, unfortunately, a human nature thing. It is a coping mechanism that people don’t realize they’re doing.”

Of course, grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw, often while you sleep and don't understand you're doing it, can have major impacts on your teeth and jaw. Luckily for our teeth and jaws, we're nearly out of this pandemic and we can get back to our normal life soon.

In the meantime, if you've experienced teeth grinding and jaw pain, I've got the solution! Go see my friends at A Brighter Smile. As many of you know, prior to the pandemic they completely transformed my smile, and I've never been happier. In fact, just this week I went back to receive two new veneers. You'll love this place, I promise!


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