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The New Orleans Saints have some crazy fans. But it hasn't always been that way. The Saints are still living in the shadow of the Drew Brees era, where the franchise won a Super Bowl, made the playoffs multiple times, and were a viable franchise for his whole career in New Orleans. But before that were dark times.

The Saints were often referred to as the "Aint's" for a long time. Not just by Falcons and Cowboys fans, but by Saints fans themselves. Even with the great records the Brees led Saints had, the franchise is still under .500 in their 56 seasons. Their overall lifetime record is 396-450-5, with a playoff record of 10 wins and 13 losses.

In the 1960s through 1990s, the team struggled to find wins. Taking more than 20 seasons to reach the NFL Playoffs for the first time. The team only made the playoffs 5 times in franchise history before Drew Brees arrived. While with the Saints, Brees took them to the playoffs 9 times.

Now of course, Drew Brees stepped away from football after the 2020 season. But the Saints still managed to finish above .500 in their first season without him. Clearly the team fanbase hasn't been that excited since his exit though.

According to research from the gambling site, the Saints have one of the slowest growing fanbases in the NFL.

The analysis looked at each team's social media statistics to see who was growing the fastest, or the most. When they put the numbers together they found the Cincinnati Bengals at the top, and the Saints near the bottom.

The following table ranks every NFL team based on the yearly growth in followers (%):

TeamUsernameYearly growth in followers (%)
Cincinnati Bengals@bengals94.68
LA Rams@rams51.80
Tampa Bay Buccaneers@buccaneers23.49
Buffalo Bills@buffalobills21.51
LA Chargers@chargers20.58
Tennessee Titans@titans19.23
Arizona Cardinals@azcardinals16.21
Washington Commanders@commanders14.82
Pittsburgh Steelers@steelers14.36
Dallas Cowboys@dallascowboys13.38
Las Vegas Raiders@raiders12.99
Jacksonville Jaguars@jaguars12.83
Indianapolis Colts@colts12.03
San Francisco 49ers@49ers11.63
NY Giants@nygiants11.61
Kansas City Chiefs@chiefs11.13
Detroit Lions@detroitlionsnfl11.02
Miami Dolphins@miamidolphins9.80
Green Bay Packers@packers9.43
Seattle Seahawks@seahawks8.88
NY Jets@nyjets8.18
Denver Broncos@broncos8.01
Baltimore Ravens@ravens7.76
New England Patriots@patriots7.66
Chicago Bears@chicagobears7.04
Minnesota Vikings@vikings6.93
New Orleans Saints@saints5.88
Atlanta Falcons@atlantafalcons5.40
Carolina Panthers@panthers5.11
Philadelphia Eagles@philadelphiaeagles3.88
Cleveland Browns@clevelandbrowns1.22
Houston Texans@houstontexans1.13

So the Saints are listed as the 6th slowest growing fanbases, behind the Texas, Browns, Eagles, Panthers, and Falcons. But, all of that could change quickly for the Saints, if they do the thing all fans games.

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