Okay, there was a time, not very long ago, that I was a VERY judgmental person (yes, I’m still working on this). But, I mean VERY judgmental—especially of the way people raised their children. And I will tell you that I have learned it is SO EASY to judge parenting habits when you aren’t a parent.


Sure, I never thought I’d park my 7 month old in front of the television just so I could have time to fold clothes, eat, or pee with the luxury of using both hands to pull my shorts up.


Dirty, dirty confession time: Before I was a mom I thought parents who let their very young children watch television were lazy. In my child-less mind: These new parents should be reading books to their infants, introducing them to foreign languages and helping their little blossoming brains grow, grow, grow. . .NOT letting them veg out in front of the boob tube.


I spent the first few months of my infant’s life earnestly trying to guard her vision from the television. What if it causes her to have an attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder? What unknown harms can come from this. Then, slowly, I started getting tired. No, tired isn’t the word for it. . .exhausted doesn’t really even touch on it. I was a zombie. A mommy zombie. I needed a few minutes, no exaggeration, just 3 minutes here and there to indulge in luxury, like brushing my teeth. And that’s how it started. At first I tried to find what I considered appropriate television. . . meaning something animated. . . and quickly I realized I don’t care what it is as long as it holds her attention long enough that I don’t end up eating a half frozen hot pocket for supper. Anything that gives me those few minutes. I’m kinda ashamed that I’ve admitted this. So when my child grows up to have an irrational fear of large bodies of water, particularly the ocean—heck, maybe even pools. . . I’ll have shark week to blame it on.


But, I’m quite certain I’ll be faced with other parenting “issues”. . that’s what we’ll ‘em. Other things I’ve judged in the past. So if you see me one day (probably in the near future) feeding my kids too much pre-packed sugar and fast food as I snatch the leash tighter on their back pack/restraint devices. . . please try not to be the horrible person I’ve been in the past. Don’t judge me. It just might be that I’m doing the best I can. It doesn’t mean I don’t love them. It just means I don’t like them. . .KIDDING!!!


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