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I have no shame in my heart when I say that the Mandalorian is the best Star Wars that I have experienced in many, many years.  That's no slight on the voluminous movies, books (both comic and traditional), cartoons, holiday specials, video games, coloring books, and various other forms of media the stories of a galaxy far, far away have offered us.

This serialized space-western has brought quite a few revelations and surprises in the 5 (possibly 6 when you read this) chapters offered to us so far on Disney plus+.  I hope you're ready for another.  The series lead actor, Pedro Pascal, isn't always the guy under the now-iconic Mandalorian helmet.  The stunt actor laying down the law in the most exciting scenes as the galaxy's baddest bounty hunter is none other that John-freaking-Wayne's grandson.

Fox Photos / Stringer

That's right, the Duke's own flesh and blood is the man behind the best action scenes this side of Tatooine.  According to Cinema Blend, Brendan Wayne is Pedro Pascal's stunt double - and by all accounts, the real force behind everyone's favorite bounty hunter/babysitter/bro to baby Yoda.

From Lucas Films/Disney

In fact, Pascal reportedly didn't suit up at all for the "Sanctuary" chapter, it was all this guy:

Getty Images

I am in no way disappointed.  In fact, having the man who played the Red Viper of Dorne in Game of Thrones and the grandson of freakin' McClintock team up to bring me a tale of a sci-fi gunslinger with a tiny magic child set in the Star Wars universe is just fine with me.