Yesterday was the American Cancer Society's annual "Great American Smokeout" and yet, with all the best intentions, here I sit, coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other. And it's not like the Good Lord hasn't given me all the signs a normal human would need to understand the importance of putting an end to this idiotic behavior.  I had a heart attack just after my 41st birthday!  The price of cigarettes has jumped to $5.00 a pack here in Louisiana.  $12 a pack in New York state.   I stand outside, usually by myself, in freezing weather...even sleet or high winds, to grab another fatal puff.  I've even accidentally locked myself out of the building on more than one occasion and had to swallow all my manly pride to bang on Tracy Turner's window and beg her to let me in.  Plenty of signs...yet, even as a write, all I can think about is that next puff.  Well, maybe I'll quit tomorrow.  Honestly, I really like my smokes.  I'm not sure I want to quit and I'm betting there are hundreds of thousands of smokers in the same boat.  We'll endure heart attacks and strokes, emphysema, smoker's breath, odor and lonely cold mornings outside just to grab that smoke...even if they go to $20 a pack.  Why?  Great question!!  It just is what it is.  And as a smoker, the last thing we need is another person reminding us of just how bad these things are for us.  Remember the signs I just mentioned?  We kinda get it.  BUT, if now's the time for YOU to quit, check out these great tips from the American Cancer Society and Good Luck!

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