This heat is taking a toll on everyone including putting extra stress on local water and power distributors. The City of Shreveport is now asking citizens to please try and conserve water. Due to the lack of decent rainfall and the extreme heat there has been a higher than usual demand on the City's water systems.

Water Sprinkler

There is no mandatory water conservation measure as of right now, but that might be the direction we are headed if we aren't cautious with our water use.

Some tips from the City for water conservation:

Limit showers to 5 minutes-a 5 minute shower consumes 10-25 gallons of water

Sweep the driveway instead of spraying it down with the water hose

Use a bucket to hold water when washing your car and give it a quick hose down. . . or do like we do in our home--don't wash your cars, water shortage or not.

If you must water your lawn, do so in the early morning hours to minimize evaporation.


You can contact the Depart of Water and Sewerage Dispatch at 318-673-7600


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