Course, it would be Gary McCoy to come up with the story about a fish on the website today...but this one was HUGE.  Mississippi wildlife officials said a man caught a potentially record-setting 327-pound fish, an alligator gar, in Chotard Lake. The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks said it weighed the 8-foot, 5 1/4-inch fish at 327 pounds after it was caught by Kenny Williams on the Issaquena County lake on Valentine’s Day. Dennis Riecke of the wildlife department said the alligator gar may have been the largest ever caught and is definitely the largest on record caught in Mississippi. Williams donated his catch to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science in Jackson. Some biologists believed alligator gars have been swimming in the Mississippi river for 90 million years. Museum officials said this one is likely a female and between 50 to 70 years old.  My friend Jerry Hester in Coushatta was bow fishing down on Toledo Bend several years ago and got a gar that was over 200 pounds and it was mammoth, so seeing this one over 300 pounds come in the boat must have been unreal!

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