The retail world moves to the beat of a different calendar than the rest of the buying population does. While that sentence when thought about deeply makes no sense what so ever, chances are you understood it. There is a season for everything and a better time to buy everything too. If you like saving money here are a few suggestions that could add up to some serious coin if you play the role of a smart shopper.

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    The holidays are over and the Consumer Electronics Show is taking place. That means that overpriced electronics are going to be dropping in price to make room on the shelf for the new and improved overpriced electronics that have just been introduced to the marketplace. This is also a great month to buy furniture because new furniture styles and models will hit the showrooms in February

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    The great deals on electronics are still lingering although your selection might be dwindling just a bit. This is the month you will find the best deals on tax filing software and on winter coats and clothing. President's Day is usually a great holiday for sheets, linens, towels, and the like and it or not the best prices on high-end chocolate will appear in February. Of course, they will appear after Valentine's Day.

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    Do you like to travel? This is your month to buy new luggage. New luggage styles usually hit the stores during March. That means last year's luggage, which will be more than adequate to carry your ten-year-old t-shirts, will do just fine.  March is also frozen food month. If you have a freezer this is the month when you can really stock up on handy easy to prepare items.

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    If you're looking for a pre-owned automobile the April is most likely your best month to make your best deal. It's also a great time for you to check back in the clothing section of your favorite store and see how the spring merchandise is being discounted to make room for the summer merchandise. Athletic stores will also begin to offer discounts on last year's shoes and winter running apparel as runners and joggers take their workouts into the great outdoors. With Tax Day hitting at mid-month big ticket items like vacation packages and cruises often go on sale with the sole idea of catching you while you're feeling rich.

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    It's the month of graduation, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day, all of those significant social occasions will trigger savings in some unexpected places. Housewares, cookware, and home basics usually go on sale during May.  May is the best month to buy a mattress as the summer sleep season hits the stores over Memorial Day. That means new models and new technologies will be pushing the old mattresses out the door and into your bedroom for less.

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    There are two kinds of travel deals you can expect to find in June. One is for travel to Alaska and the other is cruises for the Caribbean.  You can get some really great deals especially if you can book last minute as tour providers are scrambling to fill remaining cabins and flights. June is also a good time to purchase a laptop computer. You'll get the same technology before the back to school markups if you shop in June.

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    Adam Porter, Townsquare Media


    Since Father's Day has passed July is a great time to find great deals on tools. You will also find some serious savings on lawn and garden equipment too. If you need a new grill this is also your time to buy as merchants want to clear their showrooms before the thought of outdoor cooking is swept away on a cold winter wind. Here's another tip you probably haven't thought about, July is a great month to buy jewelry. Here is the reason why. Jewelry shoppers don’t have a holiday to buy for, at least a holiday that’s going to happen anytime soon. That means jewelers have to really stir the pot to get your attention. That usually means some very low prices on some very elegant pieces.

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    While the thermometer might not show it the heat and humidity of summer is winding down. That means great savings on summer apparel, swimsuits, beach gear, and pool and patio furniture. When you consider that in our part of the world we still have another two and a half months of 90-degree weather it makes good sense to take advantage of these bargains.



    If you're going to be traveling by air over Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's you need to buy your ticket in September. New car models, as well as new bicycle models, make their appearance in showrooms during September. That means last year's models are going to be deeply discounted. September is also a great month to save on large appliances too.

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    There really aren't a lot of things that go "on sale" in October. This is the leftover month if you will. If you can find bikes, camping gear, beach gear, or lawn equipment that hasn't been totally picked over chances are you will find a ridiculously low price. The selection just isn't that great.

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    tifonimages, ThinkStock


    We are all aware of Black Friday and the chaos that comes with it. I bet you weren't aware that November was one of the best months to find great savings on wedding dresses. This is also a great month to purchase a new toolkit, pots and pans, and other small home amenities. You will probably find some great deals on maid service and home cleaning too.



    If you're looking to buy a new home then this is your month. Sellers who leave homes listed over the holidays tend to get a little antsy when prospective buyers don't have time to see the property. You will also find the best prices on toys during December. The prices get lower the closer it gets to Christmas. You will also find a lot of incentive to purchase a gift card in December. That usually means a gift for someone on your list and a little gift for you too.

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