Kick-starting a career is both exciting and challenging. It's also more easily done in some part of the Ark-La-Tex than others.

We all have a dream career. That golden profession that will carry us through our lives giving us both joy and fulfillment. Starting that career can be thrilling, but also intimidating. You want to know that you'll be set up for success from the beginning and surprisingly, that may mean living in the right state.

At least according to WalletHub.

The website put out a list of the "Best and Worst Cities to Start a Career" in which they looked at 150 of the largest cities in the country comparing market strength and livability. It's a balance of opportunities on the professional level and the quality of life in that city.

This leaves the Ark-La-Tex fairly divided.

On one hand, Irving in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex of Texas landed in the top 10 at number 9, but on the other hand, Shreveport, Louisiana landed in the bottom 10 at number 143. Meanwhile Little Rock, Arkansas found itself in the middle of the pack at number 88. As for the best of the best and the worst of the worst, Salt Lake City, Utah is the best place to start a career and Newark, New Jersey is the worst place to start a career.

All that being said, I think starting a career is what you make of it. So roll with the punches and go for gold!

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