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I have to admit, I've lived in North Louisiana for well over fifty years now, and for the formative years of my life, I would have never imagined living in Bossier Parish.

I was Caddo Parish (Blanchard and North Shreveport specifically).  Bossier just wasn't "cool" back in those days, but about thirty years ago, that tide changed, and Bossier Parish became a true living destination.

Twenty one years ago, I made that trek across the Red River, like so many, and planted roots in the Haughton/Bossier Parish area.  While Shreveport and Caddo Parish still have an innumerable number of redeeming qualities, Bossier Parish has become my home and the reasons to choose Bossier are sound.

So, if you're contemplating a move while kids are out of school for the summer, it might be worth your while to do a little house hunting in the Bossier area.

I've tried to list the best reasons I could think of why Bossier might be the choice for your new home.

The 12 Best Reasons To Live In Bossier Parish

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