Consider these locations ones that you just have to visit over the long holiday weekend, or locations you'll most likely avoid.

Memorial Day weekend to me typically means remember those who have given their lives for us while donning a swimsuit and chowing down on a burger hot off the grill next to some body of water. I can smell it now... the charcoal, the sunscreen and the fresh watermelon. It's the unofficial kickoff to the summer.

To my surprise, It also happens to be a popular travel weekend.

See, I never travel on Memorial Day weekend unless it's a quick road trip. Boarding a plane and heading to a different city seems a bit excessive, but people do it. The travel site Priceline has compiled a list of the most popular cities people will visit this Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. Their list comes from the increase in booking percentage year after year.

So let's take a look at their top 10:

10. Orlando, Florida
9. Denver, Colorado
8. New Orleans, Louisiana
7. Memphis, Tennessee
6. Cincinnati, Ohio
5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
4. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
3. Tampa, Florida
2. Jacksonville, Florida
1. Cancun, Mexico

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