Being a parent in the SBC is a unique adventure to say the least.  And while I can not claim to be an expert in all things, I have picked up a few things here and there.  Just remember, this list is a lot like me - a work in progress.

This one is easy.  There are so many delicious choices in our twin cities, you can't help but find one amazing restaurant after another.  If you're looking for seafood - you got Ralph and Kacoo's, Mexican food  - Nicky's, soul food, Cajun, Chinese, Pho, the list goes on and on!  It's not hard to turn your kids (and yourself) on to great eats in this town.

The parks, wildlife reserves, riverside recreation areas, and so many more areas are ripe for the picking of memories.  It doesn't matter if you are day-tripping, getting away for the weekend, or going on the week long hiking/fishing/hunting/camping trip - you've literally got the Sportsman's Paradise at your fingertips.  If you're looking to get back to nature, check out this list that our very own Jess put together.

Jason Smith, Getty Images for NASCAR

It can seem mundane after living here for a while, but believe me - living in the shadow of Barksdale Air Force Base is amazing!  Seeing the B-52s practice delivering freedom in the skies above us is awe inspiring to say the least!  Sometimes, I'll stand in an open field and watch these majestic metal eagles of liberty without my shirt on while I scream "Freedom!" I want my son to see my American pride, and he does.

I heard mixed reviews about Louisiana Schools before I got here.  Let me set the record straight.  W.T. Lewis may be the finest elementary school I have ever heard of.  My son was behind, and they brought together a team of educators that would make the X-Men blush.  Deacon is smarter than ever, and definitely on track for a quality education.   And possibly acquiring superpowers.

There are so many team sports in the SBC, it's mind-blowing.  Soccer, football, Martial arts, baseball, skeet shooting, roller derby, bowling, and easily half a dozen sports I've never heard of are easily accessible and always going on.  I'm not entirely sure that there isn't a craw-fish curling league here that runs in the winter.  The point is, if you are looking to foster discipline, camaraderie, and teamwork - you're in the right place.

For every team sport my son can play, I swear there are 3 camps.  This year, Deacon is signed up for a Martial Arts weapons camp at PAKS Karate, a Lego Robotics camp at Bricks 4 Kids, and a gator wraslin' (sp?) camp with a guy named Zeke we met at Wal-Mart.  There's a camp for everything!

This guy looks legit. He's got a truck and everything

No joke.  In some areas you will need a shot gun.  This is also for the bugs.

Louisiana in the spring is like the Garden of Eden.  One of my favorite places is the Red RIver Wildlife Refuge.  Packed with so many varieties of plants, flowers, and mosses.  The fragrance fills the air, and lends itself to the idea that this state itself is ethereal and very spiritual.  While that may or may not be true, that fragrance comes with a price.  That price is allergies - .  If you have seasonal allergies, you are in for a wild time.  The air here will literally try to kill you.  Talk to your doctor and ask if Benadryl is right for you.

Taking care of little ones is so necessary, encompassing, and required by law that it can be easy to forget ourselves.  Shreveport / Bossier City has got your back on that front too my friend!  Get a babysitter and head out!  Party like it's your only night out in a while (let's be honest a long while), just make sure you do it responsibly.  Call a cab or an UBER or a LYFT or what ever there is by the time I publish this.  UBFT or LYER probably.

That's right, I threw you a softie for the last one.  This is the easiest one.  Just throw a dart a Shreveport map and you can find something super cool and most likely very affordable - if not free.  Follow these rules and you shall live a life of relative peace, mostly devoid of strife.  Probably.  Like I said, it's a work in progress.

Look, if you aren't able to take the family out and have fun, you might want to see a doctor.  But, you're in luck.  We have the best doctors here.