One of the most beautiful things I have ever been a part of is Operation Santa Claus. Every year the Shreveport Police Department and the Shreveport Fire Department team up to make sure that children in our area experience the magic of Christmas. Although I only spend a limited time with the Shreveport Police Department during the Christmas season, I see humans who truly love their community and want to be a part of making our community an amazing place to live in and raise kids.

Today is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. If you have a friend or family member who puts on a badge every day thank them. May we all appreciate the families who have to see their loved ones put themselves in harm's way every day in order to make sure we stay safe. Let's teach our children that a Police Officer is someone you run to and not someone you run from. May we all do our part to make sure that our Law Enforcement Officers make it home safe every single day. We appreciate every single Law Enforcement officer. Thank you to all who wear a badge proudly and serve and protect our community!


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