Maybe the Lord does have a sense of humor...

It's that time of year again, Lent. Many partake in Lent because it is a calling on their spiritual walk. Others, like me, like to adopt the idea into their own life. I have given up refined sugars during this time, since my sweet tooth had gotten so out of control. The idea is to give up something that you do on the daily or something that you overindulge in for a higher purpose. For one woman in Harlingen, Texas it was beer. Seems noble, right? Unfortunately, the giving up of beer may have messed with her memory.

Let's rewind about three weeks ago.

According to the Valley Morning Star, Leandra Ruiz entered an online contest through Budweiser. The grand prize was a once-in-a-lifetime home delivery of beer brought to her door by the Budweiser Clydesdales and carriage. Like most people, she probably entered the contest not expecting to win.

She did.

She watched as the carriage pulled by the famed horses paraded through her neighborhood before arriving at her home. She was then taken on a ride in the carriage as friends and neighbors gathered to say congratulations. It was a spectacle in the neighborhood as people took selfies with the Clydesdales. The horses are in town for Borderfest, so the company put together the contest to coincide with their south Texas visit.

No word on whether or not, Leandra will partake in the beer before Easter.

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