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A substitute teacher in Texas brought a karaoke machine into class to sing Britney Spears songs to students last week. The sub was "asked to leave" after his first class of the day.

It happened at Bowie High School in Austin, Texas on Friday December 3rd. Students posted multiple videos on social media as the teacher belting out "Toxic" by Britney Spears while behind the desk. But according to KXAN in Austin, a rep from the Austin Independent School District (AISD) said the teacher was removed from the classroom because he "wasn't following [their] best practices".

There were rumors all over online that the teacher wasn't actually an employed substitute with the district, and that he had just walked into the school. Something that obviously worried many parents, but KXAN further reports that the teacher was placed into the classroom by the Austin Independent School District.

The rep from the Austin Independent School District told KXAN:

“I’ve heard worse Britney Spears covers, but the lights are a bit much”

The spokesperson for the school added that the teacher brought their own karaoke machine into the classroom, but did not have an official Austin Independent School District ID badge. The sub was reportedly checked in through a system that does require a background check, but isn't an employee of Bowie High School.

Fox 7 reports that the substitute is active on social media, with an account that says he is "subbing across the country". His social media handle appears to be TheRealChillSub.

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