According to the Good News Network, Joy Youwakim, a student at the University of Texas, teamed up with her fellow classmates to turn an inactive landfill south of Austin into something bountiful.

Apparently they took 200 foot patch of the 390 acres landfill and started planting all sorts of veggies. They were able to grow 20 pounds of radishes, egg plants, bell peppers, cucumbers, and cantaloupe. However, Youwakim believes if they were able to use all of land at the landfill they would be able to grow enough food to feed more than 8,000 families.

Now if you are thinking what I am thinking- how safe are these crops? I mean growing out of a landfill doesn't sound too appetizing. Get this! They had the food tested by the Food Safety Net Services and it was all declared safe.

Joy Youwakim now wants to expand this project to other communities. According to City Lab there are more than 6,000 inactive landfills across the country. Imagine if they were all turned into gardens.




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