In the south, we have all sung the praises of Whataburger. This man's song about their breakfast is something spiritual.

Growing up in California, I didn't get to experience Whataburger on a daily basis. However, the two times a year I visited Texas to spend time with my extended family, you know I was hitting that drive thru. After moving here, Whataburger has become somewhat of a staple in my diet. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Althoug I can certainly eat a Whataburger with bacon and jalapenos pretty much anytime of day, they do serve a delicious breakfast menu.

And this man is singing its praises.

According to WFAA in Dallas, Fred Thomas is from McKinney, Texas. The man also loves the honey butter chicken biscuit... Don't we all? He sings about his love for the breakfast item in a song called "Something About This Biscuit." The video has been viewed more that 111,000 timnes. After looking at his YouTube page, you can see that Fred loves to sing about many things. Excuse me while I waste my afternoon watching all of his videos.


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