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Planning a family vacation is one of the most stressful things you can do.  Sure there have been lots of studies that show planning a vacation can actually be good for your mental health, like this one published last year by National Geographic, but that was for yourself.  It's also worth noting that experts were talking specifically about planning a vacation for yourself during the pandemic as a way to keep you from losing it.  Imagining yourself relaxing on a beach is a lot different from trying to organize a trip that keeps several very different people happy.

Stressed man with message on sticky notes over his face in office.

One of the craziest parts of the whole process is realizing that you are planning to travel a (usually) considerable distance and spend a considerable amount of money to do something you might be able to do a little closer to home.  You've really got to have a unique experience in mind to make all of the hassle worth it, right?  If you said yes, I might just have the solution for your family vacation planning woes.

A truly unique attraction now open in Katy, Texas (just west of Houston) is offering an experience you can't get anywhere else in the Lone Star State.  It's called Digworld, and it may just be the most exciting theme park your kids have ever seen!  The park offers visitors the opportunity to operate full-size construction equipment like the mighty Caterpillar 236D3 Skid Steer Loader and Caterpillar 303 Excavator (pictured above)!

What will the kids do in these totally real construction machines?  The park's designers have come up with some pretty inventive ways to get guests behind the controls.  From traversing a winding track in the skid steer to fishing with excavators, there's plenty of hard work fun to be had!

If you're wondering just how popular this park is going to be, the answer is: Very.  According to the park's official Instagram post made 2 on March 15th, so many guests purchased tickets as soon as they went on sale, it crashed the server!  Not to worry, as online purchased are back up and running.

You can find out about tickets, hours, height restrictions, and more on the park's official website here.   You can also keep up with the park through their YouTube channel.  I am betting that a new video will be uploaded detailing their 1st day open soon.  To get an idea of what the park will look like, here's the last update on construction from March 1st.

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