The Tesla car company is unorthodox to say the least.  The very concept of an all electric automobile manufacturer flew in the face of tradition.  But bleeding edge ideas and radical styling aren't enough to keep a new car company in business (see Tucker and DeLorean for reference).  Seeing how the established too-big-to-fail giants in this industry fight tooth and nail with each other for market share, it's not an understatement to say that Tesla's most ingenious asset is its business sense.  They have used advanced technology, smart marketing, and some crafty business moves to carve out a nice little hunk of the personal transportation pie.

The latest fight undertaken by the electric newcomer is in the Lone Star State, and it's a big one.  The closest thing this planet has to a real-life Iron Man and his gas-less car company is firing up its war on the Texas Automobile Dealers' lobby in a bid to sell their vehicles directly to the public.  That move would bypass Tesla dealerships and salespeople in Texas altogether.  If they're successful, the company plans on selling their unique vehicles at company-owned stores using company employees instead of 3rd-party franchisees with commissioned sales associates.

This January will be the fourth time the Tesla legal team has tried to have their way in the Texas legislative session, but giving up doesn't seem to be an option.  According to, taking control of sales in states (like Texas) that have this type of dealer-franchise law is the company's top priority. So far, Missouri and Utah have amended their laws to allow Tesla to operate the way it wants.  Currently, potential customers in Texas can see the vehicles and ask questions at 10 different galleries across the state, but when it comes to buying - they are transferred to a California Tesla facility.

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