The 2018 Walk-On's Independence Bowl just went up a notch, thanks to Temple Interim Head Football Coach, Ed Foley.

The Indy Bowl team announcement part was held yesterday, and in all honesty, it's an event that's usually just a lot of "going through the motions". But this year, with a Temple team mid-transition, it left the floor open for Ed Foley to steal the show.

So he kicked the freaking door in and did just that.

Ed Foley wasn't Temple's Head Coach when the Owls were chosen to head down to Shreveport for a tilt with the Duke Blue Devils on December 27th, but he doesn't care. He's got the gig now, and it might only last for one game, so Foley is going to make it worth every ounce.

He took the podium by storm at the party, and caught national attention. Here's a sampling of Twitter's reactions:

Ed Foley is ready to go. After listening to less than 60 seconds of his rage-musk, I'm ready to strap up again. I will fight a man in a Wendy's parking lot if Ed Foley yelled at me to. This guy could get a sloth jacked up. Let's hope his motivational magic can turn Temple into the most exciting football team in history on December 27th!

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