I have known many teachers in my life, and every single one of them have always put the kids first no matter what. This teacher from Georgia is the same way.

According to the Good News Network, Tammy Waddell, a paraprofessional and teacher at several schools in the Forsyth County school district in Georgia, recently passed away and requested that instead of flowers at her funeral she asked that people brought school supplies.

Waddell was dealing with a prolonged illness. She was 58 when she passed, and hundreds of people arrived to donate supplies. In the photo above you can see the result of her request.

The backpacks will be donated to Project Connect: a school district initiative that donates school supplies to the region’s neediest students. I just think that it is so generous of her to think of others even in her last few moments, and the amount of support that followed just shows that people are good. With all the bad news in the world it is so nice to see moments like this.

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