Fans watching the CMA Awards 2011 may have been puzzled when Taylor Swift looked to her arm for guidance while giving her speech as she collected the Entertainer of the Year award. So, what exactly was written on Taylor Swift’s arm at the big event?

Late last night from her bed, following the performances, awards and speeches, Swift tweeted an up-close photo of her arm ramblings (and her new kitten) so that her fans could read what she had written. On her inner forearm, the ‘Ours’ songstress managed to fit the names of all of the surprise artists who joined her onstage during her Speak Now Tour: Tim McGraw, Ronnie Dunn and Kenny Chesney in Nashville, Justin Bieber in Los Angeles, Shawn Colvin in Austin… the list goes on for four full columns, as seen in the picture.

It seems that Swift didn’t want to forget a single person who helped her garner the Entertainer of the Year prize for the second time. Of course, it’s not unusual for the 21-year-old superstar to have Sharpie marks scribbled down her left arm. In fact, the temporary marks are there more often than not. Each night on her Speak Now Tour, Swift pens a new line of lyrics from her left shoulder down past her elbow. While there doesn’t seem to be any official rhyme or reason to her choices, the lyrics are undoubtedly meant to inspire the young singer, like she has done for others — and will continue to do — as the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year.

See the Full List of Taylor Swift’s Arm Lyrics From the 2011 Speak Now Tour


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