A slew of last minute amendments added to some revenue generating bills in the House Ways and Means Committee has bogged down the special session, and convinced lawmakers to reschedule today's votes to Wednesday.

Shreveport Representative Alan Seabaugh tacked a number of changes that did not go well with Democrat Marcus Hunter. Hunter says the amendments are so in-digestible that this group of legislators might as well just go home.

“If we cannot get the people, the body of this house to remove those amendments, then we minus well get ready to go to another special session in June."

Democratic legislators held the House proceedings at bay during the morning as nothing was moving.

“Any bill that comes to the house floor today, or possibly tomorrow, will not pass, and that is nonnegotiable, and a nonstarter. We have several things that we believe need to be improved upon."

House Speaker Taylor Barras says he spoke with members of the legislative black caucus this morning to attempt to resolve some of the issues. So far all members are looking for answers from the fourth floor.

“As I hear it from both democrats and republicans, is the engagement and the unclear direction that is being offered from the administration.”

Both sides agree something needs to be done by the governor...

“I think the governor and his team need to be a little clearer on what direction they are choosing to take.”

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