I was strolling through Target and I saw all the wonderful advent calendars. Of course, the candy ones are always a hit, but lately, those sock advent calendars are hard to resist. Of course, after finding the cheese advent calendar at SAMS Club I have been on a quest to find the ultimate advent calendar. One that pairs well with the cheese advent calendar.

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Basically, my very merry Christmas dream is to rock some advent calendar socks, eating my cheese from my advent calendar all while sipping on some delish advent calendar wine. Do you see the theme?

The problem was that I was informed by a friend who works at Target that my wine advent calendar needed to be ordered way ahead of time. I went as far as trying to locate the wine advent calendar by using the store locator, which I now know is unreliable. Excuse me what? So I set out on a mission to get my hands on the coveted wine calendar. I'm proud to say your girl delivered.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

Where did I find this box full of "sunshine trapped in a bottle"? The Longview, Texas Target. Target just launched this beauty. It's a Holiday Advent Calendar that any wine lover would die for. The calendar is stocked with 24 mini bottles. You will have a vast selection of red, white, and Rosé wines that were all bottled on the West Coast, thus giving it the name W.O.W. (Wines Of the West). The cheese and wine advent calendars are a perfectly paired gift come Christmas, and this could be an epic gift to kick of the Christmas season.

I have not had any luck spotting this advent calendar in the SBC, but when I do, you'll be the first to know.


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