In preparation of the finale of American Idol, the finalists each recorded their debut single should they be crowned the winner.

I think it's safe to say that each of these finalists has gained enough exposure on American Idol to successfully launch a music career. We've certainly seen runner-ups on the show have more prosperous careers than the actual winner. However, the title of American Idol winner certainly looks good on a resume and is something no one can ever take from you.

Tonight we find out who will win American Idol and it's a tough, yet rather blonde, competition.

Maddie Poppe, Caleb Lee Hutchinson, and Gabby Barrett has each proven why they deserve to be in the top three and each one brings something unique to the table. Maddie has folk sound that is undeniable, much like Fleetwood Mac. Caleb and Gabby each bring some country flair to the table. Caleb's vocals are reminiscent of Josh Turner, while Gabby has a Miranda Lambert sound.

The winner tonight will release a single. In order to prepare for that, each of the finalists has recorded their debut song. Much like their style, these songs are each so different.

Maddie Poppe - "Going Going Gone"

Caleb Lee Hutchinson - "Johnny Cash Heart"

Gabby Barrett - "Rivers Deep"

Like I said before, I wouldn't be surprised if each of these songs is released in the future. Honestly, it would be a mistake if the world didn't get to download these audible beauties. Which is your favorite?

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