If you are a fan of music, I think sometimes its easy to forget that we live close to hallowed ground. In the grand scheme of the modern musical world, Municipal Auditorium in downtown Shreveport is one of the most important buildings in America (arguably second to only the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville).

Maybe because we live so close to it, we forget all the impactful and major moments that took place in that building. Hank Williams put the KWKH Louisiana Hayride radio show on the map and sort of helped create the touring power house it would later become. Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, George Jones and countless other legendary performers became household names because of what they did at the Municipal on a National Stage. Known as the "Cradle of Stars", the stage at Municipal Auditorium was nationally known for debuting new talent, strapping a rocket to their back and shooting them to the moon.

Now you can walk and explore the building that made superstars in the musical world. On October 21st, The Municipal Auditorium will be offering a full backstage tour of the building. According to the Municipal's Facebook page, you'll be able to "Learn the stories and hear the songs of the many stars that have graced the stage. Walk in the footsteps of music legends and make your own debut when you get the chance to stand on the stage where idols like Elvis Presley and James Burton have performed."

If you've never had a chance to be on the stage or in the backstage area or the basement of the building, you have to take the opportunity to do so. From a painting dating back to I would guess the 40s warning performers not to smoke on stage or else face a fine to Jack White's hat hook (there's a story there and I'm sure they'll tell it on the tour), there are a lot of sights and sounds to take in.

You can purchase tickets to the event here for $20. 

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