louisiana boardwalk

Independence Day Events in Kiss Country
Wednesday is the 4th of July, the most American of holidays... and many of us will have the day off and some time to enjoy some the different events going on in Kiss Country. Here are some things going on in Kiss Country that you may want to check out...
For Sale – By Sheriff
Not sure if you've been keeping up with what's going on at the Louisiana Boardwalk, but if you've got an extra $125 MILLION or so...you could buy it.  10am next Wednesday at the Bossier Parish Courthouse in Benton, it's up for grabs in the Bossier Sheriff's Sale...
“The Green Hornet” Is Out Today
My sons have been waiting on today like it's another Christmas!  The new movie "The Green Hornet" is finally out.  Well, actually there's nothing new about "The Green Hornet" except that now it's a movie.