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Are The Mudbugs Making a Comeback?
For 14 years, the Mudbugs were a staple here in town. They ceased operations in 2011, but now there is cause for optimism as we inch closer to a hockey revival. Here's the full story.
The Extreme Country Stampede Tour
Yesterday evening, my wife Julie heard us begin promoting the Extreme Country Stampede and immediately texted me...."YOU HAVE TO GET TICKETS FOR THIS. THE BOYS WILL LOVE IT."  And she's right...there's so much going on at this thing, something will reach out and grab…
Famous Landmarks In Shreveport – Our Top Five
From the Civil War, to the Louisiana Hayride,  to the landing of Air Force One here in the hours after the 9-11 tragedy, Shreveport has seen it's share of historical events.  And actually, it was a discussion of a notable Hayride moment involving a skinny kid from Tupelo,  Mississippi, that brought …