First Chance (Frontline Incident Response Solutions and Training) needs our communities help! First Chance is a 501C3 that relies on donations to make sure that our police officers are safe and ready to handle serious trauma need be. First Chance's mission is to equip every single police officer with belt trauma kits that can save lives. In the last 5 years Shreveport has lost 2 officers in the line of duty. That is unacceptable and First Chance wants to prevent officer related deaths. First Chance's money stays local. When you make a donation your money goes directly to those in your community who protect you and your loved ones.

Parish Taceaux in downtown Shreveport knows the importance of supporting our local law enforcement. That is why when you dine at Parish Taceaux on Wednesday 07/18/18 a percentage of your purchase goes towards First Chance. You can eat and help raise funds for First Chance, make sure you tell your waiter you're there to support First Chance.

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