Listening to the radio is a great way to stay on top of traffic issues on your daily commute. However, those trips we make away from home for business or pleasure is where a good traffic reporting system can really help a motorist out. If you travel in Louisiana we have some really good news for you.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has announced upgrades to the state's already helpful 511 travel information system. If you're not familiar with the system, anytime you need road information you can simply dial 511 on your mobile phone for the latest roadway issues in your area.

The upgrade to the system will allow travelers to create a customize account. This account will allow you to program a route and if trouble pops up anywhere along that route you are notified instantly.

You can also look at traffic speeds, and it will show you the road conditions if there’s a weather situation, ice storms or floods. It’ll show you construction sites.

Those comments were made by Rodney Mallet a spokesman for LaDOTD. Mallet suggests that you create your account and enter in the normal route you take on your daily commute too. He said this will offer you instant information on the roads you travel most frequently.

For those people to have access to this information will be super vital because they can find their alternate routes, and they won’t be stuck on one of the major thoroughfares.

The upgraded site will be in partnership with WAZE, a user based traffic system that is already very successful across the country.

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