Changes are on the way at the State Fair of Louisiana. General Manager and President Chris Giordano is stepping down and the Board has appointed Robb Brazzel as interim General Manager. He has been an employee with the State Fair since 2008. Brazzel says “I’m very excited about this new opportunity. I look forward to meeting all of the
state fair’s partners, sponsors and supporters to tell them about plans for the fair and to remind them how important all of them are to our continued success.”

State Fair of Louisiana
State Fair of Louisiana

Giordano tells KEEL News

I wish nothing but the best for the future of the State Fair. I have thought long and hard before making this decision and I believe it will be in the best interest for me personally. I have made this decision due to my desire to seek other opportunities for me and my family at this point in my life and career.

State Fair Board President Liz Swaine says "everything impacts the fair - from bad weather to the perception of safety to concerns about Covid."

What Is Ahead for the Fair?

Swaine says “We have told Robb and his hard-working staff that everything is on the table in terms of making the State Fair more streamlined, customer-friendly, data-driven, family-oriented, and fun and they have a hard deadline - the 2023 State Fair is October 26 - Nov. 12.”

Top 10 Rides You Will Find at the State Fair of Louisiana

I've included the adult rides on this list. The State Fair will also have an extensive area for kiddie rides.


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