Unicorn frapuccino!!! Whaaattt?!?!?! ❤

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It could be a dream come true, especially for all of you mythical creature enthusiasts!

Starbucks has unveiled their latest concoction and this one is said to be a magic one. Introducing the "Unicorn Frappuccino," a limited treat that turns from purple to pink when you stir it.

According to sources, the drink will be available starting today, April 19 until Sunday, April 23. The frothry mix is made of:

"dusting of pink powder, blended into a creme Frappuccino with mango syrup and layered with a pleasantly sour blue drizzle. It is finished with vanilla whipped cream and a sprinkle of sweet pink and sour blue powder topping."

What do you think? Do you plan to indulge in this magical goodness?


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