No one is more ready for St. Patrick's Day than this guy.

You could say he's head over heels excited for it.

This man downs a pint of Guinness in about 15 seconds while standing on his head in a bar in Italy. The video is titled "Man Takes the 'St. Patrick's Day Challenge'" and we have to be honest: we had no clue this is the St. Patrick's Day Challenge. We figured getting home in one piece with some memory of what you did the night before was the challenge.

Regardless, this man's feat is fantastic. Sure, he probably fell down and threw up all over the sidewalk when he left the bar, but no one needs to see that. In fact, we'd like to go out for a night on the town with this man and this woman, who is definitely his spirit animal.

Short of a leprechaun eating corned beef and cabbage while doing cartwheels and paying for it out of a pot of gold he's hauling, this is the best St. Patrick's Day-themed culinary act you're going to see.

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