“Squid Game” is the hottest Netflix TV series of all time, but some educators are worried about the impact on children.  In fact, three elementary schools in New York have apparently banned children from wearing Squid Game Halloween costumes because of the violence portrayed in the show.

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But there has been no such move in Louisiana to ban the costumes in schools. In fact, Squid Game costumes are the top sellers across the nation. New York schools are also banning youngsters from playing games on the school yard that mimic the show. New York also bans items that can be used as weapons. We must note other gory or scary costumes are also banned from school events.

I have watched the series and it is very violent. Folks compete in a series of deadly games in order to win a pile of money. School yard favorites like “Red Light, Green Light” are included in this bloody competition. This is not a tv series for children. It is extremely violent and gory. No one elementary school should be watching this show.

Dr. Craig Tice, a Superintendent in one New York District tells Fox News:

Because of this activity, our principals wanted to make sure our families are aware that it would be inappropriate for any student to wear to school a Halloween costume from this show because of the potential violent messages aligned with the costume.

Tice also says parents should speak with their children about the violent behavior portrayed in this show and let them know this behavior is not appropriate for school recess.

One Florida school district has also sent a letter home to parents to ask them to talk to children about violent behavior on the school yard. They attribute some of this behavior to the tv series.

 "Squid Game" debuted on Sept. 17 and is a monster hit. More than 110 million folks have watched at least part of the series since it went online.

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