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Last week's election gave Louisiana a big win. The legalization of sports betting in our state was long, long overdue.

Of course, once the vast majority of parishes in Louisiana voted to legalize sports betting within their parish, most of us celebrated. I can make the case that all of us should have celebrated, but I'm sure there are those out there who found a way disagree with sports betting in our state.

The simple truth is that, sure, it's a good thing for gamblers in our state to be able to bet on sports, this measure is much bigger than that. After all, anyone you know in Louisiana who is interested in sports betting is already doing it through means that circumnavigate the state of Louisiana.

Now, our state and our individual communities get to reap the financial reward of taxable sports betting in Lousiana.

Still, with the measure passed in 55 out of 64 parishes, we were left with one basic question... Now what?

Of course, no one expected sports betting to rollout in our state overnight, but I also believe most will be a little surprised when they realize when you can head on down to the Horseshoe Casino and put a hundred on the Saints.

With such a gigantic industry just now making it's way to Louisiana, there's an absolute metric ton of details that need to be worked out between our lawmakers. Don't expect these details to be hammered out and finalized anytime soon, instead, prepare to make your first legal, Louisiana sports wages in late 2021.

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