A video titled "With Love from Carolina..." has given us chills.

Baton Rouge is receiving some major love from one of their SEC opponents. It wasn't too long ago that South Carolina was experiencing major flooding in their area. During that time, the Gamecocks had to relocate their home game against the Tigers to Baton Rouge. LSU went out of their way to accommodate South Carolina and make it feel as though they were playing at home. The LSU band even played their Alma Mater at the game.

Now South Carolina is returning the favor.

The Gamecocks delivered two truck loads of supplies to Baton Rouge over the weekend to help with flood relief efforts. But that wasn't it. The South Carolina marching band then did something that most conference opponents would never dare to do (well, except for LSU)... They played their Alma Mater and recorded themselves doing so.

The ended the video with a special message...

This just shows you that although they may go head to head on the field, when it comes to doing the right thing, there are no questions asked. See? Chills.

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