Automotive insurance rates are on the rise again, after the Louisiana Department of Insurance approved double-digit hikes last year for at least six insurance companies.

State Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says there are several factors, including an increase in distracted driving.

"The National Safety Council reported 40,000 people killed in traffic accidents in 2017. That's up six-percent from two years before in 2015."

Other factors include cheap gas, which leads to more drivers on the road and the cost of auto repairs have skyrocketed with newer technology on late model cars. Donelon says rates go up faster in Louisiana because the state’s legal climate leads to litigation a lot of times following accidents.

"Folks are more prone to sue over accidents."

Donelon says State Farm Insurance accounts for 30 percent of Louisiana insured drivers are paying on average ten-percent starting this month. Donelon advises motorists to shop around if they think their rates are too high.

"I get told by State Farm agents, when State Farm increases their rates, their policies fly out the door in large numbers."

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