A recent incident at a high school softball game involving the catcher and batter is under investigation by school officials.

Catcher Throws Softball at Batter's Head
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Softball Catcher Throws Softball at Batter's Head

A recent viral video has the internet torn on whether the incident in question was intentional, or just a very unfortunate mistake.

This past weekend, McCamey and Cisco high school softball teams squared off in McCamey, Texas.

In the bottom of the 6th, Cisco was leading McCamey 10 to 5.

With the count at 0-2, the Cisco batter set up for a bunt but pulled back.

After catching the pitch, the McCamey catcher stands up to stop the runner from advancing to third base.

That's where things get weird.

Texas Softball Catcher

As you'll see in the video shot by Dustin Furguson, the McCamey pitcher attempts to throw the ball to third but instead, accidentally beans the batter directly in her face.

Or, was it an accident?

That's what the University Interscholastic League is investigating to find out.

The UIL tells newswest9.com -

"The UIL is aware of an incident that occurred during the McCamey vs. Cisco Softball Playoff Series and is in contact with the school administrations to gather additional information."

As you'll see in the video, the runner had stopped advancing, and the player at third base and the infielder were obviously not expecting the catcher to throw anything their way.

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