For the last few week's we've seen Dr. Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, dance around dating a new doctor on Grey's Anatomy and let's be honest, he's smokin' hot! Meredith meets the new love interest when the team from Grey/Sloan go to a military hospital for a specialized surgery. The new love interest is one of the military doctors on site.

Of course, he's tall, dark and handsome like Dr. Grey's former husband Dr. McDreamy aka Dr. Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey, who passed away two years ago on the show. Understandably, this being the first man (surprisingly) that Meredith has had relations with since his death, she loses it. But he's hot, oh so hot, and he's not taking no for an answer. So who is he? I did the leg work for you!

The actor who plays Dr. Will Thorpe is Scott Elrod, known best for his roles in Lone Survivor and Argo. I haven't seen either of these movies but I think I may have a reason to search them out now! You may also recognize Scott from stints on The Young and the Restless and How to Get Away with Murder. 

Scott Elrod is 6'2½" and an Aquarius born February 10, 1975 to a military family in Germany. Elrod grew up in mostly in Colorado and he had dreams of being a fighter pilot like his father before he turned modeling, then to being an entrepreneur, to acting. I don't know about you ladies, but I'll be happy to see more of him in the future. However, the question remains, can he fill McDreamy's shoes? I'm thinking he just might!

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